Best lock options to keep your home secure

RobberWith winter fast approaching in the Burlington Hamilton area, your family may be spending more time at school concerts and family gatherings and less time at home.

Based on data from Sonnet Insurance, homes are more vulnerable to break-ins and theft during the holiday season. While your insurance provider has you covered in case of loss or damages, installing a good locking system can give you added protection and extra peace of mind.

Smart locks: Forgetting to lock the door or leaving your keys hanging in the lock are a thing of the past thanks to the wide variety of smart lock systems available on the market.

Smart locks operate by using your smartphone and a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection and/or a remote app to access a digital lock. Most smart locks are equipped with a secondary manual entry system in case you lose your phone or its battery dies. Getting a smart lock is the first step in building a smart home that allows you to keep tabs on your space no matter where you are.

Deadbolts: The most common deadbolt is a single cylinder, which operates with a key from the outside and twist-knob from the inside. Properly installed, high-quality deadbolt locks are known to provide superior protection against burglars.

Deadbolts can only be unlocked by physically turning the key or twist-knob, making them much less susceptible to tampering than spring-loaded doorknob locks. For the toughest protection, opt for deadbolts made from heavy metals like steel.

Basic doorknob locks: Doorknob locks are usually locked and unlocked from the inside, either by pushing and turning the doorknob, pushing a button or turning a dial in the knob.

It’s not recommended to use a doorknob lock as your home’s primary locking system. If you are using a doorknob lock on an external door in your home, it’s best to strengthen it with a deadbolt for extra security.

Whichever lock system you choose, it’s important to keep your doors locked at all times to keep your home and family safe and secure. Break-ins can still happen, but that’s why home insurance is there to protect you when you need it most. In just five minutes, you can switch to Sonnet Insurance and get coverage that’s customized just for you.

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How keyless locks might save you

It only takes one glance across the stylish displays of door hardware when shopping, for our eyes to land on the sleek designs of the keyless locks. Handsomely crafted in various metallic finishes and operated by entering a personal PIN on a keypad or touchscreen, it doesn’t take much to envision this touch of class on our own front door.

Security, however, is the primary purpose for the engineering of keyless locks. Police investigations show that many thieves actually have a key, so by installing a deadbolt with an ANSI Grade 1 classification – in which all stored data is encrypted at the same level of security as that used in online banking – your upgraded system is surely going to stop a robbery in its tracks.

But even everyday life could cheer up significantly when we envision no more worries about losing the key; no more digging around when loaded up with groceries; no need to take a key when out for a run; knowing when your kids arrive home from school; and no more concerns about future security when we give house keys to the cleaning lady, handyman, babysitter, and more. We’ve all been in those situations, so take a look at these appealing solutions:

Locked Out: Don’t cause costly damage by breaking in. Simply enter a user-code and you’ll be inside. The deadbolt is engaged by pressing an exterior button before you go.

Lost Key: Kids do it, adults do it. With advanced models such as the Touchscreen Deadbolt and its cousin the Keypad Deadbolt, a unique code can be assigned to each household member ensuring their safety and your peace of mind.

Forgetfulness: Did you forget to lock the door? Now, certain Schlage deadbolts are computerized to be paired with your PC, smartphone and other mobile devices. Far from home, “smart” features allow you to control the lock, or send a code to someone else so they can get in with their mobile. Advanced engineering in the Sense Smart Deadbolt and in the Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt assures the highest and the most complex level of security possible today.

Freedom: Go for a run, walk the dog, or rush off to family-fun events on the weekends without the risk of hiding a key somewhere outside. Even at night, keyless lock touchscreens will give you enough light for quick entry.

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Bought a home? Change your locks & stop invasions. True story

If you’ve bought a new house or condo, I urge you to change your locks by a professional locksmith service. If you live in Burlington, Hamilton, Waterdown, Milton, Oakville or Bronte it’s your best home security. Here’s why.

A few years ago, a couple bought a house in Burlington then went to their Florida winter retreat. However, the previous owners forgot to cancel the maid and she kept coming over to clean the house. The couple returned in the spring and were startled to see the maid in their house.

The situation could have been worse. That’s why I think its always good practice to change your locks when buying a new house.

Landlords and property building managers beware

High security locks for your building are expensive but there are less costly, more flexible options.

For most situations, not every door in your building has to be high security. However, there are exceptions. Doors leading to the outside should be high security but to save money, locks within the building can be medium or semi security.

Not only are high-security locks expensive, costing thousands of dollars, you also must deal with the same locksmith who installed it. Even if you have a have a falling out with that person down the road, you have to deal with them for new keys or cylinders.

Installing medium-security locks may be a better option. These locks are less expensive and just as safe as high-security, and you can deal with other locksmiths for servicing. Also, the public can’t purchase medium-security locks and can only be purchased by a professional locksmith.

Years ago, I met an apartment building property manager, who decided to go high-security and had a falling out with the locksmith. Now, there’s a problem. They didn’t realize they had to deal with that locksmith for all new keys and cylinder lock repairs.

So they asked for my advice. I explained that most lock problems aren’t caused by the cylinders inside the lock but by mechanical parts surrounding it. That means for most repairs, I can help them. Over the years, the building changed to medium-security locks and the building is just as safe and it’s less costly.

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