Residential Locksmith

emtek front door handle If you need a residential locksmith, I offer a free home consultation. I can help you with:


Door closures

Dead bolts

Panic hardware

Doors Electric strikes

Mailbox locks

Did you know that if the lock on your mailbox is broken, Canada Post will not fix it. It’s up to you to have it repaired.



Break and entry damages

Specialty services

Master keys

If you would like to put all your locks on one key, I can do it. I can even make the locks different. 

Bought a new home? Better change your locks

If you have recently purchased a new home, I urge you to change your locks by a locksmith. 

A few years ago, a couple bought a house in Burlington and then went to their winter retreat in Florida. However, the previous owners forgot to cancel the maid service and the maid kept coming over every couple of weeks to clean the house. The couple returned in the Spring and were startled to see the maid in their house.

The situation could have worse had it not been a reputable and honest person that the previous owners had given the key to. That’s why I think it’s always good practice to change your locks when buying a new home.

For your free home consultation please call Norman Turbide, Lock R Up Inc. at (905) 632-0113. I serve Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton, Milton, Dundas and Waterdown.

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